Naturally, I go with my intuition. I like to explore my ideas randomly and to feel free in the work of the material.

But technical challenges and rigor are also an integral part of my work.

For each of them, the requirement is the same, from the composition to the finishing.

Working, thinking, drilling, sculpting, drawing, sawing, starting again… With repetition, the technical difficulty fades away and each action leaves room for the intuitive expression of the hand, for the beauty of the gesture.

In my creations, I look for contrast and hybridization, I mix differences, I associate oppositions, of preciousness, texture and durability. I like to test and understand different materials, each of them for their physical, aesthetic and symbolic qualities. 
This is what pushes me to discover different skills and to go to the meeting of a feather worker, an embroiderer, a cabinet maker, an enameler… Then I observe, I learn, I exchange, I continue my initiation. 

Today I create alone, with others and for others, with the same passion. 


Without pencil I am naked. 

First means of expression, drawing is now at the heart of my artistic practice. It is a very precious ally in everyday life, in all situations. I always have a notebook and a pencil with me, to note or draw: idea, key word, emotion, reference or form… Taking notes allows me to capture what surrounds me.

Then, the process of creation is interior, I draw, I cross out, I file mentally. Finally, when the shape seems right, drawing is for me the most spontaneous and quickest way to give it life. 


I am listening to realize with you your dreams and your desires. 

Your jewel will be handcrafted in the rules of art using mainly ethical and sourced materials. 

Unique pieces, on order. 

Ethical et Slow made

Since the beginning of my professional life, I naturally share and carry the points of the Slow Made charter, the time of the gesture and the right price are my working spirit and represent one of my strongest values in my activity.  And it is also natural to use recycled materials as a priority and to use them as much as possible. 

When I don’t recycle, I use fair trade precious metals and I am a signatory of the Fairmined charter. This label gathers autonomous and artisanal mines meeting very strict environmental and social requirements. 

For the stones, I most often use old “recycled” cuts or stones entrusted by my customers.