An ode to nature, this first collection is an invitation to take a walk, an invitation to go out into the fresh air far from the town - far from the world ... to stroll away and explore new spaces, immerse yourself in wild and peaceful nature, daydream along the pathways, meditate to the rhythm of your steps, explore new sensations and intuitions ... It was born from reading many stories, from the strong desire to return to the land, and from the need to meditate on a world on the move. I conceived these jewels as traveling companions, as maps to a solitary escape which lead us towards wide landscapes, but also into the deepest reaches of ourselves.

Precious metal mingles with ceramics, wood, corozo, cotton, leather … all these materials take on a new meaning once they are brought together and fused into one. I chose them for their intrinsic beauty, in the quest for diversity of texture and color, but above all in an attempt to interpret the real beauty of Nature, wild yet peaceful.

This first collection was launched at the end of my studies in 2010.

Thank you to Liliroze for this extraordinary series of Polaroid photographs, and to Raquel for having worn the pieces so wonderfully, like a nymph in the woods at Vincennes, one Spring day after the rain.

Promenade bracelet n°3

Silk Road

These piece is a quest for motifs to represent the different countries through which the Silk Road passes. Preparatory drawing for the shoot
Above, the bracelet, also in enamelled ceramic, dyed corozo and gold leaf.