My playground is in working with a variety of materials. For as long as I can remember, I have drawn, researched, and created ... I vary between traditional jewelry and contemporary pieces. I'm motivated by the desire to create beauty, and to pass emotion to the viewer through the medium of my work. I mingle metals and precious stones with paper, fabric, wood, feathers, seeds ... I chose Métylis as a name for my work as it stands for this poetic, organic world. The origins of Métylis comes from the mingling of metal and materials. The fusion of different materials and techniques reflects my desire to create, timeless pieces which are hybrid that fall somewhere, jewels, sculptures and objects.

Photo : Alexandra Mocanu


« A daughter of the land », I grew up in the heart of the generous, peaceful countryside. It was a place where my first designs evolved, and where I began my first collection of pebbles. As a little girl, I wanted to be a designer, or, maybe, a pirate!
I had a thirst for adventure, and my dreams of exploring the world were fostered by reading tales and legends. Later, without hesitation, I turned to studying art. After training in Decorative Arts and Illustration, a career as a jeweler became the obvious choice: The mix of detail, design, working with my hands, and the infinite possibilities of collecting, and bringing different materials together to create beauty which can be worn was perfect for me. I took a jewelry training course, then pursued a degree in Artistic Studies at the École Boulle. Then, in 2012, with a degree under my belt and two years as a management assistant in a jewelry workshop, I created my own brand, Métylis. 2013 was the start of a great adventure, I joined up with my now partner, Félix Albert, a fellow jeweler, and L’Atelier Miix was born. Working with passion, we create and make unique pieces of fine jewelry for designers as well as individual customers.
Today, my work is shared between my personal creations in Métylis, and my ventures with Félix and other creative craftsmen.

Training courses

February 2015: Chosen by the Chambre des Métiers to take part in the Paris-Berlin Design, Arts & Crafts Exhibition in the Salons of the Hôtel de Ville, with the presentation of the first Métylis collection: the Nébuleuses. First exhibition.

Since 2013: Joint ventures with l’Atelier de l’Objet, the house of Jay Ahr Paris, XAC Jewellery, Pristine Jewels, Louboutin Paris. Manufacturing collections, prototypes, design and illustrations.
Working in partnership with other craftsmen: turners, feather workers, embroiderers, woodcarvers.

Early 2013: The creation of l’Atelier Miix with Félix Albert, for the joint conception and fabrication of unique pieces of fine jewelry for professionals and individual customers.

2011: Professional licence at “les Atelier de Paris” (entrepreneurship, creating and running a company in the artistic professions) apprenticed to l’Atelier de l’Objet, making designs and models for various company projects. Creation of Métylis.

2010: Degree from ÉCOLE BOULLE, DMA in Jewelry Design.

2008-2009: Freelance jewellery and textile designer for JAY AHR, a high fashion house. Paris 1.


May 2017: Chosen for Le Salon Révélation at the Grand Palais.

June 2015: Winner of the Development Bursary from the Fondation Banque Populaire.

February 2015: Chosen by the Paris Chambre des Métiers d’Art for the Paris-Berlin Design, Arts & Crafts Exhibition.

June 2014: Winner of the Déclic Youth Bursary, for making the Nébuleuses Collection.

2011-12: Winner of the City of Paris Métiers d’Art bursary, while at XAC Joaillerie, for the creation and manufacture of different collections with the brand’s creator.

2008: Second prize in the Jacques LENFANT National Competition for ‘The Dragonfly at Dawn’, the manufacture of a ring taken from an illustration. Photograph beside.