Paper is the protagonist of this collection.  It mixes with diamonds and shakes up established codes. The eternal and the ephemeral meet, paper and diamond sublimate each other, become complementary, inseparable, equal. 

I worked on this series of pieces like high jewelry, with technicality and delicacy so that they are as beautiful inside as outside. 

The collar

It took me almost a month of folds, twists and knots to create this volume in Hodomura. Between strength and softness, I advanced with intuition by sculpting this material with my cotton threads. 

Thanks to a game of tension, the volume came to life, the paper resisted, bent and twisted. The form became organic, at once cloud, extraordinary plant and mineral formation. Soon, I had before my eyes a new world made of folds, hollows and curves, as strange as harmonious.  

It emanated from this first volume an enveloping warmth and a feeling of muffled softness. I already imagined it worn on the body, hiding a shoulder or wrapping the neck.

The folds got involved and the Origami cocottes came to curl up in the hollows and corners of the sculpture. 

The rings

I worked the rings as unique and miniature sculptures, where each paper “cloud” collects a diamond and can be removed thanks to a hidden mechanism. 

Ring body in 18 k gold, old rose cut diamonds. 

Limited series of 10 pieces.  Price on request.

The headdress

The Nebula headdress closes this collection. 

Timeless and hybrid, it is at the same time headdress, wig and jewel. 

Enveloping the head, it merges with its wearer, to appear as a single entity. 

The softness and roundness of the paper give way to the sharpness of the folds, the headdress becomes a mineral formation or a conquering armor, depending on the character of the wearer. 

Piece unveiled at the Salon Révélation at the Grand Palais in 2017 and presented in the collective exhibition Corps Limite

Hodomura paper, 18k white gold and old cut diamonds.  Modular piece, gold necklace and detachable diamonds. Unique piece, price on request.

Thanks to Keith Flament for his beautiful pictures, Inès Carratié for agreeing to wear the headdress and Sariye Kozan for the beauty. 
Thanks to Rachel Hardouin for lending us her gallery for a day.