Marie Grimaud

My playground is the work of the material. I have always drawn, collected, made, …

I have created a universe between traditional jewelry and contemporary jewelry, and today I compose jewelry that is halfway between sculpture and jewelry, seeking a balance between technical mastery and experimentation, beauty and emotion.

“Daughter of the earth”, I grew up in the heart of a calm and generous nature, an inexhaustible source of inspiration. As a child I wanted to be a cartoonist or a pirate. I had a thirst for adventure and dreamed of discovering the world, I invented new stories every day and traveled by drawing. Later, I turned to art studies without hesitation. After a training in Applied Arts and illustration, the profession of jeweler became an obvious choice. I followed the jewelry training of the Boulle school in Paris and finished with the Diploma of the crafts of art. Then in 2012, with a degree in hand and after two years as an assistant manager in a Parisian high jewelry workshop, I created my brand, Métylis.


2018 / Jury for the Diplôme des Métiers d’art bijoux, Boulle school
2013 / Creation and installation of Atelier Miix, with Félix Albert, my companion. 
2012 / Creation of Métylis
2011 / Professional degree ECREMA, Atelier de Paris – University Marne la Vallée, in alternation with the Atelier de l’objet, Paris 
2010 / Diploma of Art of Jewellery and Jewels, Boulle school, Paris  
2008 / Supplementary Mention in Jewellery, Nicolas Flamel High School, Paris
2007 / CAP Art of Jewellery and Jewel, Nicolas Flamel High School, Paris
2006 / Preparatory year, illustration and communication, AGR image school, Nantes
2005 / Applied arts high school diploma, Livet high school, Nantes 
1987 / Born in Cholet

Awards and distinctions

2017 / Selected to exhibit at the Salon Révélations, Grand Palais, Paris 
2015 / Winner of the Banque Populaire Foundation grant
2015 / Selected by the Chambre des Métiers de Paris to participate in the exhibition Paris-Berlin, Design and arts and crafts
2014 / Winner of the Déclic Jeunes grant
2011 / Winner of the Bourse Métier d’art de la ville de Paris
2008 / Second place in the national jewelry competition Jacques Lenfant
2006 / Odon Vallet merit scholarship, with the Fondation de France.