with Félix Albert - 2014

Unique object, this box is a wedding gift. It is the fruit of a collective thought and a realization with several hands. It was born from the love of a father for his son, a fan of spinning tops, a long-standing friendship, an aeronautical inspiration and a challenge of material and time. 

The first drawing was the right one, and after a lot of questioning and research on the mechanisms, we went for it. Modeling, casting, hammering, turning, adjusting… but also a good dose of intuition allowed us to realize this object.  This “hazelnut” is a case, inside, two wedding rings dance freely on the stems of two spinning tops that touch each other. 

Thanks to Mr. Petiteau we discovered Alizier wood, a common wood from the forests of the Loire region, very dense and speckled with beautiful brown graphics, we chose it without hesitation for the hat. 
The spinning tops are made of Koa wood, the bottom of the box is made of solid stainless silver and the inner hinge is made of solid 18Kt gold.

Spineggcoeur is a mix of French and English and a nod to the real Spinnaker, the name given to the sail that is hoisted at the front of a sailboat when the wind is blowing from behind.  

Thanks to Terry for his confidence, 
Thanks to Mr. Jean Joseph Petiteau for the shooting, Jean Michel Larrive, Richard de Fonderie du Palais, Karen Charrier and Marie Benattar for her beautiful pictures.