July/August 2016 – Published in Atelier d’Art magazine n°124:

  • Créatrice d’âmes (article in French) Read

June 2016 – Invited on the column “Les femmes de Paname”:

  • France Bleue (in French) Listen

February 2016 – Published in Connaissance des Arts magazine n°745:

  • Marie Grimaud, Parures métisses (article in French) Read

February 2015 – Press reviews of the “Design et Artisanat d’Art” Exhibition:

  • Télérama Sortir (article in French) Read (newspaper article available here)
  • 20 minutes (article in French) Read
  • Sortir à Paris (article in French) Read
  • Poignées Déco (article in French) Read
  • Agrpress (article in italian) See
  • Studio Ombre See

Photographs: Gilles Leimdorfer